Colour Block Eid


The best thing about the month of Syawal is that there are lots of open houses (read: FOOD!) Sometimes, you'll have more than one invitation a day and whether it's to satisfy your stomach or  it's your societal duty to accept every invitation, you end up attacking the buffet line at a few open houses in the span of an hour or two. Which, isn't that good for your digestion system, but hey! We all do it!

So my weekend was well spent with loved ones. I would upload the photos with people, but the problem is that the Husband (my personal photographer) had tried to play with the camera settings and blasted the photos, so big, that even a single photo exceeded the limit of attachments in an email. I kid you not. So you're better off just looking at Instagram for photos of that day.

I salvaged five outfit shots just for this post. Enjoy!

As it's still Eid, I initially wanted to wear a full baju kurung. But the weather was unbearable and we were travelling from once city to another, so I decided to put on this colour blocking outfit. The skirt is actually the sarong from Melinda Looi's colour block kurung. But wearing the whole outfit is a bit too much for house visits. So I matched the skirt with a plain top instead, to tone down the formal/fashion forward look.

Style Tip: Do not overdress. Take into account where you are going and who are you meeting with. If it's an event filled with fashionistas, then go ahead and wear those bold fashion statements. If you're going to your aunt's place where her 10 years-old daughter looks up to you, my suggestion is to not go overboard. Or if you're meeting your grandmother? Make it sweet. Okay? You dress to impress them. Not to impress yourself.
Pink Shawl : Firuze Scarves
Black Basic Blouse : Something I have in my closet for everyday wear
Colour Blocking Skirt : The sarong from Emel by Melinda Looi 's Colour Block Kurung in Pink

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