#syadhilwedding Part 2.3 : The Reception Make-Up


For both the solemnization and reception, I had MUA Anna Cherie to do my make-up.

I’ve already talked about how difficult it was in finding the perfect MUA because I am very particular about it. I insist in looking like myself and looking like I’m 20 on my wedding day.

During the reception, I wanted to look like Kate Middleton. Sama, kan? Hihi.

The look I was going for is the ‘bridal’ natural look. I know that there are other MUAs that are known for the same thing, but Anna Cherie was at another level of natural. Oh, and she’s much more affordable then most MUAs. The moment she told me her price, it was a no brainer. That price was including her travelling to Ipoh, mind you.

Anna was staying at the same hotel as me, so she came to the room full of screaming girls super early, at 5 pm. Like, why so early? We didn’t want the stress and we were really just hanging out. Raja Wahith Nisa, Penny, Mai, my sister and my flower girls were all there. It was so fun! I loved that we did that because it made me relax after lack of sleep.

Anna has this unique thing she does with our hair before putting on the hijab. It was to ease the wearing of the tiara and veil and it makes the hijab look much better. Basically instead of having the huge bun sticking out or a flat head, Anna would tease your hair so it’s big and just fluffy. So it raises the hijab at the back in a flawy way like in the above picture.

Anna’s service includes hair and hijab styling. But I did my own hijab because I’m me. And I had already planned my whole look a few days before. However, if you need an MUA that would also do your hair/hijab, she’s the person to go to! I have heard of MUAs who only do make up and then just leaves. Anna stayed at the hotel in case I need to touch up or anything. Which is so sweet of her!

Just go to her FB page for weddings or events or even photoshoots! It's Charms: Make up by Anna.


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