#syadhilwedding Part 2.0 : The Reception of Raja Nadhil Aqran & Syahira Zakaria (Overview)


So on my last #syadhilwedding post, I talked about how the wedding concept was a bit different right? Well, I think you can understand from the list below:
  • No meja beradab (high table)
  • No merenjis
  • No food for the bride and groom
  • The bride and groom went around the hall (we only hit a quarter) to greet guests
  • No pengapit (maid of honor or best man)
The list can just go on. But that’s the thing. This concept my mum and I created was basically us in our natural habitat. No protocols. Just relaxed and fun. Weddings are supposed to be about the couple and their family as well as their friends. It's a celebration. And that's what we wanted it to be.

So here’s the overview:

I got ready with my team of ladies and flower girls in the bridal suite. I got the flower girls to get ready with me for photos and video. My mum made up first and I, of course, was last to be ready. I came out to see a group of young men, including my husband just waiting in the hallway, having their own photoshoot.

Everyone went down first while we waited in hiding for the VIP (which is the MB, Dato Seri Zambry) who has yet to arrive from KL. I really wish I wasn’t the bride so I can go hangout with my friends and greet everyone who was arriving at the hall. (The hall has a different entrance than the main hotel entrance) They look like they were having so much fun in the photos.

After meeting the VIPs and the usual photo session, they headed into the hall. We waited outside and I that’s when I became nervous. Thank God brides don’t have to speak.

So basically, after the VIPs were seated, they would play the video of the solemnization. When the hall was pitch black (except for the lights coming from the screen) we snuck in, and went under the flower arch. And everyone knew we were there. It wasn’t a surprise or anything. Just wanted to sound cool. Haha.

We walked down while Nasyim Khadri, my close friend since I was 8, sang Enchanted by Taylor Swift. Enchanted has been our song since we met. Taylor Swift even dedicated the song to us during her Red Tour Live in KL. (Click here to read about my encounter with Taylor Swift)

We arrived at the front, salam our parents, seeking their blessings and then head up onto the pelamin. Which is not traditional at all. Usually, the couple would be on the pelamin and the parents will come up and give their blessings. In my view, since it is you who are seeking for your parents blessing so you should be the one to go to them. Which is why I insisted on this.

There was a talk by Ustaz Haslin (aka Ustaz Hindustan) about the important roles you play in a marriage. I think that it was a very short and sweet reminder and it was beneficial for everyone there. It’s not something that you usually see at weddings, but we felt that it was fitting.

We came down, ate dessert and then tried to say hello to everyone but only managed to meet a quarter of the 1500 guests. I say that is an achievement. Did I mention we spotted a few of those that crashed? But it’s okay. We were bound to forget to send invites to a few people.

After we greeted our guests, we played our montage, basically showing the world how we grew up. I admit, I skipped a year or two. Remember, the montage isn’t for you or your parents. It’s for the world (read: in-laws) to see. You can choose what to show and what not to show.

Then came the father of the bride speech. To which I cried. And if I’m being perfectly honest, I have been running away when my dad practiced the speech because I got teary-eyed. It caught me anyway, eh?

After the speech, my dad sang Pelangi Petang (Evening Rainbow) to which people thought was fitting. It’s about something beautiful that you can only see for awhile and then it goes away, like the rainbow, like your daughter getting married.

This performance was followed by my sister, brothers and cousins. They sang Itulah Sayang, the new version. At practice, usually, I’ll be the one singing. Lol. It was very sweet of them to perform for me. It must have been hard for them too because they are so shy. Other than my sister and I, everyone else hates being on stage.

And then, it was cake-cutting time. This is our 5-tiered cake. It’s huge! I look super short next to it even though I was already in platform heels. After the cake-cutting ceremony, the Husband and his Thunder Buddies performed Heaven, which I coached for the past month or two. Hihi. It was lovely!

We walked down the aisle backwards, and said goodbye to our guests. There are just too many photos that were taken at this time. I am glad that our friends stayed for the photo session after my family because we had amazing shots! I even threw the bouquet! Wan Zaheedah, one of my bridesmaids, caught it. LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE NEXT, BABE!


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