#syadhilwedding : The Photographer


Wedding photography is expensive. I can vouch for that. But the reason that they are expensive is because they are good at what they do, some more than others. I found my photographer way before the engagement. He was recommended by my best friend (one of my bridesmaids obviously), Adlin. He did her cousin's wedding and when I saw his portfolio, I fell in love with his work.

Two months before the engagement, my mother and I met him at KLCC. He was perky and fun. And we felt like he could understand what we wanted. But he's a bit expensive. I'll give you that. However, after the engagement, as we continued searching, we decided that he was the best choice in terms of quality and price.

My reasons include:

1. He is nice.

2. My mother loves him.

3. He takes nice photography of normal people (like me). I've seen so many photographers that take amazing photos of celebrity weddings but when it comes to non-famous people? I'll just say that it's not as amazing.

4. This is very important: He never blabs about his past clients. I have met some photographer who badmouths his clients. The moment I hear those, I wouldn't choose them.

5. And the best part is that I found out that he is more expensive than when I booked him and I would not have been able to afford him as the photographer if I didn't book him early on. Rezeki kahwin muda, Alhamdulillah.

And that is how I chose Hafizudin Hamdan and his team.

My advice is for you to always negotiate with them. And pick the ones that you feel can be like your best friend. Because on the day of the wedding, honey, he is your best friend. Anything you need, no one is going to stick to you like them. Omar, who was on the team, had to fetch my bouquet for me. He even had to go to the floor manager to cue us on what to do next when I was panicking.

And I love all three of them up till now. They did an amazing job that even my family members remember them (and follow them on instagram). Awww~

I feel that it's gorgeous! This is how this shot happened: 

Hafiz: Sit here. 

 Then, he walks to the other side of the pool. 

 Hafiz: Jap. Habis memory. Siapa punya camera ada lagi space? 

 He takes a snap or two. 

 Hafiz: Ok. We're done. 

 I did not see this shot coming.


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