OUT OF THE WOODS, INTO THE SUN featuring Playful & Snazzy


Taylor Swift just released her Out Of The Woods video moments ago and I couldn't help realising that the concept was very similar to a shoot I had for my collaborative collection with Sea-Citizen.com called Out of The Woods and Into The Sun. 

You can read about the first collection here: STYLEBYSYA for SEA-CITIZEN.COM A/W '15: OUT OF THE WOODS where I talked about my inspiration and shared photos from the editorial shoot with Langston Hues. However, I will be preserving Into The Sun for S/S '16. So wait for it!

The shoot in which I will be talking about today was a collaborative shoot with budding photographer MD Alif and MUA Aen Sa'ari as well as fellow fashion blogger Serene from www.playfulandsnazzy.com

This shoot is for the header of my page on Sea-Citizen's website. I'm really excited for it as it was one of the most challenging shoot I've done. I had to go barefoot at a super sharp area just because we wanted a good shot!

I really loved working with MD Alif because he tried to understand the creative art direction I was going for and he suggested this forest-like place. Who knew this place existed in Malaysia!

Out Of The Woods was not inspired by the song although I am a Swiftie (read: Taylor Swift dedicated the special song Enchanted to me on her Red Tour in Kuala Lumpur) This shoot was done weeks before the music video but I feel so in sync with her now that I've watched the video!

At a glance, the collection reminds me of all the dark woods within most fairytales. I've received comments from colleagues and friends that have different interpretations from the skirts such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, Cinderella as she runs from the prince at midnight, Belle from Beauty and The Beast, Maleficent and so many more!

You can get them on www.sea-citizen.com (click here)

 it feels like it was all just a dream. 


 Like I'm going to wake up 
 and realize 
 that we have been living 
 this whole different life. 

 As if our lives never collided. 
 As if our paths never crossed.


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  1. Gorgeous photos, Sya. Love em so much. You look so stunning.

    Kai | www.lilpink.info

  2. hey babe a very very nice shots! i totally love the editing :) hehe btw visit mine ok