Film JIBAM and Cantik Dara; A Philanthropist Collaboration


Last week, I was invited to attend the signing of the MOU between the production company of the film JIBAM which is an adaptation of the work of well-known cartoonist, Ujang and Cantik Dara which is a health and beauty production company. The signing of the MOU was done at the famed restaurant Rebung by Chef Ismail.

The film is directed by Che Mie with screenwriter Asmira Suhadis. Members of the cast include Esma Daniel, Fadlan Hazim, Mia Ahmad, Kamarool Yusof, Kazar, A. Galak, Zaidi Omar and Bohari Ohmad, with Mohd Arif Abdullah in the lead role.

At the event, actress Ruhainies was announced as the face of Cantik Dara.

Alongside the MOU for the collaboration, Nurul Sayang (Founder of Cantik Dara) had agreed to collaborate with Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insaniah Srikandi Malaysia to help the economy of the members.

In furtherance to Cantik Dara's philanthropy, an agreement was also made whereby for each product sold, RM1 will be donated to the foundation of Rumah Titian Kaseh. The orphanage also received a sum of RM10,000.00 at the event.

I am a firm believer of collaborations which help society. Giving back to the community, philanthropy and charity is a way to fulfil one's heart and I believe that companies no matter how bug or small should definitely integrate this into their policy.

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