A New Semester, A New Project!


Hello, my dear readers.

How did the first week of the semester fare for you? Any interesting stories or were your days filled with long queues for add/drop and just rearranging classes and your room?

I had a non-event first day, until my friend, Arief Hamizan, invited me to join him on his new project, which is his specialty: Theatre. I was very excited as I have been directing plays in school and I also directed the annual Mock Trial during my foundation studies in CFS IIUM. But ever since I got into degree life, I have stopped joining theatre because of my busy hectic life, relationship included.

So the project has yet to come up with a name, so let's just call it 'Black Box'. Because, really, it is something like that.

What is 'Black Box Theatre'? A black box is actually a room with black walls. Such rooms are usually home to plays or other performances with very basic technical arrangements, such as limited sets, simple lighting effects, and an intimate focus on the story, writing, and performances rather than technical elements.
An Empty Black Box
One of the many different settings in a Black Box
So the plan is: We'll get a class/seminar room that fits about 60 audience with no actual stage. This creates a more intimate play, especially when we'll have the audience sit around the 'stage'. So you can see it from every angle. Amazing, isn't it?

We'll be having a few plays in one show, and we'll run one show twice or thrice in a week. And for cycle 1, there will be a series of two shows/week.

The great news: It's really happening and rehearsals have already begun!

We are looking for more people to join in as crew and if you are a student in IIUM, and you love theatre or curious to know on how theatre works, do approach us. Or email me at syahirazakaria93@gmail.com

This is Arief. If you see him around AIKOL or anywhere, just give him a hello, OK?

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