Being a Tourist at Home; Ipoh


I love being in Ipoh. I love it so much that I'm blogging, in my pink room, today, about today. It's not often that I write about events immediately due to my busy schedule but today, I'm making an exception.

We headed for Ipoh at around noon. The semester is starting in a few days and I have to get a luggage (or two) load of clothes and other things to bring back to college. What I wear to college and what I wear in the outside world are different. Reasons being: It's UIA. I'm a Law student. It's classes. You have to walk from one end to the other, from ground to fourth floor (or more)!

Anyway, we arrived in Ipoh around 2.30PM and we headed for the famous Nasi Kandar Yong Suan a.k.a. Nasi Ganja (Cannabis Rice) The term 'ganja' came about because die hard fans claim it to be addictive although no actual 'ganja' is used in the rice.

After our lunch, we dropped by my house to freshen up. We headed out almost immediately to pick Hannan up. She was our tour guide although, mostly, we used Waze. Ipoh Town is super confusing that even though I've lived here since I was 6 years old, gosh, I can't drive in town. These people are nuts! And the roads are one-way almost everywhere!

We did a 'Ipoh Mural Tour'. Look, I was already in KL (for college) when these murals were painted. You can't blame me for not knowing all their whereabouts. Hannan got lost too. And she has spent 20 years in this town.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking now, just enjoy the photos!

Kopi "O" - This is at the Maybank parking lot
This"Hummingbird"  is located at the parking lot opposite of Plan B
Colourful buildings in Ipoh Town
The street we were looking for but stumbled upon when we already gave up.
This street is filled with murals. They are so beautiful and amazing, it was more than just us there snapping some shots. There were many people around too! Get ready to see some great murals. Just a side note: The first three murals you saw on this post (Hummingbird, Kopi "O" and Evolution) is a part of “Art of Oldtown“, which is the latest collection of seven Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic. However, I do not know who painted the ones on this street.
Kids painting the Jalur Gemilang/Malaysia's flag
Kids playing "Ibu Ayam & Musang" (Mother Hen & Fox)
Kids playing Hide & Seek
We ended up going home to rest for awhile and we continued our food tour by dining at Pakeeza. However, we forgot our cameras and we were having great conversation with my parents instead of snapping away. All photos are taken by Raja Nadhil Aqran ( @nadhilaqran ) except the first photo: That's by Hannan, who claims to be my No. 1 Fan. Such a great friend, isn't she?

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