Berner Fasnacht : The Swiss Carnival in Bern


I have always seen other hijab fashion bloggers going overseas in the middle of winter in their dresses and light jacket and I wonder how do they survive in the cold? It's crazy and ridiculous, the things they do for a good look shot.

So, in Bern, where it was not too freezing, I decided to give it a try.

I was right. These girls are crazy. I didn't last more than 5 minutes not wearing a sweater. Even then, I was wearing a leather jacket. But we gave it a shot anyway because it seemed fun! And since we were there with the Swiss Carnival going on, why not, ey?

Of course, at the end, I wore my mum's winter jacket and couldn't take it off anymore. So don't try this. And don't believe the clothes they wear in the beautiful pictures people take in the middle of winter. They don't really wear them. Lol.

The Swiss Carnival in Bern happened the day after we arrived. It took us by surprise because we didn't even know of its existence. We were walking to the pizzeria when we saw a street filled with people in costumes, booths and stalls and parades with marching bands. This was the night before the carnival and it was a lovely surprise. The Husband was really excited to watch the parade as we have never seen anything like this in KL. The carnival takes place all over Switzerland and the one in Bern is the third largest celebration.

It just so happened I was wearing this pink shimmery knitted top too! My brother who was wearing his usual clothes said that I blended in with the people there. They were wearing all sorts of costumes. It was pretty cool!

I got the pink top from my MIL as a souvenir from Vietnam and I wanted to have a look shot in it in Switzerland just because. I wore my mother's shawl and glitter hat-thing to complete the look. The leather jacket and Temple University varsity jacket are my mother's as well. Her things are the best! Haha.

Eventhough the streets were not covered with snow, the wind was a different kind of chilly than in Saas-Fee. It was getting too cold so I had to change to my mother's winter jacket. Thank you, Mama!


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