Hiking up Bukit Wawasan


On a fine Friday evening, Megat called me out of the blue. (Actually, we speak to each other almost every day so it's not really out of the blue.) When he called me, sports activities had only been recently allowed in the state so I have been very hesitant about playing. However, as I have declined any sports activities twice already, I promised myself I will go to the next one Megat invites me to. Because, you know, third time's the charm.

So that was the call. To invite me to go hiking at 6.30am on Saturday. ALAMAK! If you don't already know me, I love futsal, but hiking? Definitely, a huge no. But I've already promised myself, so I said, "Okay."

We ended up starting the hike up much later than planned because it was raining. So, we had McDonald's breakfast first which was the worst idea. When we arrived the hiking spot, I thought, oh it looks pretty simple. Bukit Wawasan is in Puchong and the entrance looked like a cute walk rather than a hike. 

I was wrong.

Because it rained earlier, it was muddy, wet and slippery. The hike up took so long, I asked Megat a million times if there even was a peak or are we just like walking through the jungle? I found out there was a peak and "No, we are not there yet!".

Honestly, the first half of the hike up was fun. We took a lot of cool shots for ViQ Apparel, a Malaysian-based sports clothing brand (discount code below). But after we ended our shoot, I realized we haven't even reached the peak which was basically nuts! Gila ke apa?!

But we did reach the top, took more photos and came down, which is where I fell and became one with the mud. By then, I just wanted to go home. Overall though, it was such a fun morning with friends! I will never do it again. Thanks. Hahahaha.

And of course, milo to end a good morning.

I'm wearing ViQ Core Tech antibacterial series. Use discount code SYAHIRAWITHCORETECH to get 5% off!

With love,

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