Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour in Tokyo, Japan


Dear readers,

As you all should know, I am a HUGE Swiftie. So it should come to no surprise that I spent thousands just so I could go to the Eras Tour. Nobody ask me for this trip's cost okay? Because I will cry if I have to write it all down. Hahaha.

So here's the story on how I ended up in Tokyo, Japan:

The Difficulty In Getting Eras Tour Tickets

I started with trying my luck for the Australian leg. I queued with 6 devices and my friend also queued with multiple devices for pre-sale AND general sale for both Sydney & Melbourne. We LOST.

For Singapore, there were a whole bunch of us that wanted to go and registered and 0 of us got the code. ZERO. ZILCH! I am NOT KIDDING. We queued for UOB pre-sale and UOB general sale as well as Klook. We didn't get anything. Similarly, I didn't get any code for UK, Amsterdam and a bunch of places in Europe.

So that's when we decided to give Tokyo a try. We know it's by luck so the few of us that could afford to pay for the tickets went in for the lottery. So we actually tried for a few nights and all ticket types. So if we were really lucky, we might have gotten like 32 tickets or something HAHAHA.

The Night We Knew We Won

At 2am in the morning of the day results for the lottery came out, a bunch of people in the Tokyo TS Eras Tour group got notifications from their respective banks about a deduction from Japan. I was not so lucky.

But my cousin was! We were excitedly waiting for 11am for the email to come out even though we knew that we got it. That morning, I was at an investors conference with my uncle and he showed me the bank charges. I cried, inside of course.

However, my sister, realized she would not be able to go as it was Chinese New Year which means she had to be on call. Because we're Malay. (So instead, we're going to Vienna. But that's a whole other post okay? In August 2024, I promise)

I have a million friendship bracelets and I wear them all the time.

The Eras Tour in Tokyo, Japan - Night Three

I took only took a day's leave for this thanks to CNY. We booked an overnight flight so I could sleep in the plane...although, I can't speak for the others. I guess, for my family, overnight flights are our usual choice because we can sleep anywhere and feel refreshed in the morning and we don't waste a whole day on travelling. 

We arrived Narita airport on THE DAY! After checking in (at Richmond Hotel which is just across the road from Tokyo Dome, where the concert is, we went to grab food from Lawson and lined up for merch. It was a really long line and we were only done after an hour and a half. I knew Swifties were crazy I just didn't know there's so many of us!

After we were done, we went back to our rooms to rest and get ready. Danea and I had our outfits chosen many months ago. So I was really happy to see our looks that day! I was inspired by The Man's suit look with matching boots and Danea was inspired by the tiered dress worn by Taylor Swift for folklore Era.

We were allocated our seats a day before the concert and I had already studied Tokyo Dome's seating chart so I knew exactly where to find our seats. Luckily I did that because the crowd was crazy. We couldn't even enter at our gate because it was too crowded and were directed to a gate even further from our seats and I lost all feeling in my legs. 

After finding our seats, taking photos and exchanging friendship bracelets, the show was about to begin! We all saw the cleaning cart and just started screaming a few minutes before 6pm.

The show was crazy! It was overwhelming and I did cry at the beginning as I screamed the bridge to Cruel Summer. After that, I opened my boots and went barefoot and made myself at home right there in Tokyo Dome. AHAHAHAHA! 

I have no words that can describe the feeling I had at the concert other than overwhelmed. I cried, laughed, screamed and danced the three hours+ away. And the next thing you know, it's ended and we're all outside and the wind was so cold but I had to meet fellow Swifties and exchange bracelets. 

Finally, before 10pm, we were in our hotel room and I was cooking dinner. I don't know when I slept and in what order everything went. Just that we were all on a high and it never ended. 

So...to Vienna we go! See you on August 9, Taylor!

With Love,

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