BTS: SOFY360 Compact Commercial


When my manager, Jack, sent me a whatsapp about being in a commercial, I was more than eager to do it! This is my first ever commercial and, wow, it was difficult! There are 5 scenes in the video and it took about 12 hours (7AM - 7PM) for the whole shoot.

It started with makeup where I met Tziaa, my co-star and best friend in the shoot. She is so pretty like a doll! Jack was very kind to get us our morning coffee so we'd have enough energy.

The first scene we shot was the one where we were singing in the car. It was difficult because we were just warming up and so very self-conscious about ourselves. After a few takes, I decided to take out my phone and watch the video that I've taken with my friends singing in the car and decided to just let go.

After we changed, we shot the 'Gossip' scene. Then, we headed to a boutique for the shopping scene. I think this was my easiest scene although it was the longest line I had. After lunch, we shot the other two scenes.

The shoot becomes easier after awhile because of the coffee as well as we began feeling comfortable in front of the camera and the crew. FYI, for each scene, they take a few shots from different angles so it really takes about a hundred shots per scene. And we had absolutely no idea how it would look like, so I was really happy with the results. It looks like a real ad!

Head on to SOFY360 on Facebook to watch the video in HD!


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  1. sya, u r so pretty... and pandai berlakon as well.. nampak cool and pro macam dah buat 1000 commercial
    congrats dear!