Sweet and Edgy: Kaelyn Kimono Wrap Top by Shazmin Hashim of Kanvas-ed


Hey guys,

If you haven't heard of Shazmin Hashim, you might have heard of Kanvas-ed. Basically, Shaz is the founder of the brand and as a whole, she is Air Asia Runway Ready Designer 2015 first runner up. She has showcased her designs at KLFW 2016 and have been invited for KLFW 2017 as well!
Kanvased derived from the word Kanvas. A simple bleached cloth that mainly use in art activities. But what happens here there is an -ED which is past tense. Conveying it into actions and movements of time. Kanvased stands for something already happened from the simplest fundamental of cloth that put together to embodice a silhouette in a form of conceptual design that follows the passage of timeless fashion piece.
Recently, Shaz has collaborated with Royale Demure, a crowd-funding platform, to create and sell her designs.
Royale Demure is a space where YOU get to support fashiontrepreneurs raise funds through pledging for their design campaigns. When the campaigns reach the minimum 30 pledgers by the time it closes - SUCCESS! They’re manufactured, undergoes a strict quality check & the new limited-edition apparel is posted to you!
To be honest, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea that Royale Demure has come up with. Crowd-funding is one thing. But as a designer and for sales, you get to know whether your product sells. It's great for testing the waters and gives room for learning and improvement for new and upcoming designers.

Here, I am wearing the KAELYN Kimono Wrap Top

Inspired by a kimono wrap with designed double layer cuff to show sophistication and yet modest with and without hijab. Specially picked italian cotton for a boost of lux feel and smooth texture to give maximum comfort to the wearer on daily basis.

I absolutely love this top because it is comfortable and it has such intricate details. And that's where your money is worth: in the details.

This top is very versatile. I paired it with a flowy skirt to show how to dress it up for events and weddings and the likes. But if you head on to @kanvased on instagram, you can see other ways of styling the look. Shaz styles it with her boyfriend jeans while our good friend, the beautiful Att dresses it up with matching coloured culottes. I think everyone looks amazing in it, no matter how you style it. And that's the beauty of this top!

Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Shaz for getting the top fully pledged!

Top: Kanvas-ed KAELYN Kimono Wrap Top
Skirt: aere BRINA Flowy Chiffon Skirt in Grey
Scarf: dUCkscarves KL dUCk in Cream
Shoes: Kiss & Tell
Makeup: @mimisolek #mimisolek
Photographer: Suhail Samsudin


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  1. I was hooked at the the word "kimono". What a refreshing design. I never heard of Royale Demure but am totally at awe at how it helps so much. What a great platform!

    // afifahaddnan