The Mai Series: I had the Time of My Life Fighting Dragons with You


Mai and I have been friends since we were 14. We were classmates from Form 2 Bunga Raya during our school days in RPS Ipoh, we were in Poison Ivy cheer squad together, she was there for me at my lowest just as she was there for me at my highest. Fast forward 11 years later, here we are taking on the big city; Two cities together in one lifetime.

While our lifestyle can be considered very different with Mai being very street and me being completely glam, we are also very similar. We share same interests and faith and so many things in between.

Mai and I practice being there for each other, no questions asked. For a good time, for a shoulder to cry on, for random shit like buying ingredients, we just need to pick up the phone. When I was getting married, she was there for me from my henna night all the way until the night after my reception, making sure I'm okay. She even helped buy food for me and The Husband because we forgot to eat after our rehearsals and picked Penny up to attend the wedding. Basically, she was my maid of honour. 

When I was at my lowest, I never felt alone. Mai was there for me, along with others, always. And I promise, I'll always be there for you, darling. 





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Photos by Syed Ahmad Safwan

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  1. beautiful blog :D it expressed that you have a beautiful life :D