There is nothing wrong with wanting.


I've always been accused of wanting. Of wanting more. Of wanting everything.

But I see nothing wrong with wanting.

Because it is your wants that would drive you to achieve it.

If you want it, take it.

I know, my past few blog posts have been cryptic, very nightgownsandshorts me rather than the stylebysya persona. I guess adulthood and teenage years are very similar in the sense that it's a point in time where we are just trying to find our footing in that moment in life.

Or maybe, I'm having PMS at all these times.

Who knows?

But let's talk about living within our means. How many of us actually live within our means? Really.

With the paradigm shift of technology providing us with unlimited internet access, we have all gone online. And I mean all of us. Even our lives. So many people pretending and parading around a lifestyle wanting to impress. Or maybe it's some kind of self satisfaction?

Fine dining at all the best restaurants in the world and jet-setting from one city to another and on days you're not travelling? Staycation!

That is very much the life everyone wants to show off on their Instagram. But is it really their lifestyle?

For me? I think I just described my Instagram life too, which was created and is curated to my stylebysya persona. However, I willingly admit that nothing was created to look like something I am not. I refuse to show the downside of my life because I am a firm believer of privacy. I can choose what I want to share with the world and I can choose to refuse to do so.

In the end, just be proud of who you are and just be real, okay? And most importantly, do whatever you want to do for yourself, not just for the grams.

FYI, I am guilty of not living within my means either.

I'm wearing Iris Square Scarf in Blue Glow from IMAAN Boutique
With love,

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