Captivated by You like a Fireworks Show


Because I see sparks fly whenever you smile.

Over the weekend, I was blessed to be able to attend the 10th MyBalloonFiesta in Putrajaya for two days in a row!

Saturday started dark and early for me as I was a MyBalloonClub member and had the chance to try out the tethered ride on the hot air balloon. And I wanted to enjoy the breakfast buffet spread under the gorgeous exclusive tent set up. Did I mention I had an all access pass as well?

What I should have done: Gotten my exclusive passes, attend the morning blast off of the balloons, have breakfast while enjoying live jazz music and end my morning with my own flight.

What I did: Gotten my exclusive passes, sat down and ate to my heart's content, consistently annoyed the event crews asking when can I get on the hot air balloon and bolted as soon as I landed because PANAS GILA WEYH! I was melting under the scorching hot sun although I was only there for 2 hours (and the sun was only up for one). To be honest, I think I took it for granted because I have been on the hot air balloon thrice now, and the first two times was in beautiful Cappadocia.

[You can read about my previous hot air balloon ride in cappadocia here: Floating On Air]

Oh, well. I had the evening to enjoy anyway. Mai and I changed clothes and had lunch before we headed back to the fiesta. We made it right on time for the parade where all the hot air balloons and their pilots were introduced and we got to witness the setting up of the hot air balloons. I was so happy to see Mai's excitement. Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with this rizq three times! And it was Mai's joy that made me realise how lucky I have been.

So we spent 5 hours at the event which ended with us dancing and laughing. The crew and other fiesta goers were amazing and fun.

On Sunday, the Husband and I made our way to the fiesta where Najwan was waiting with our tickets. Earlier, we invited his sister's family to come along because we wanted to spend time with the kids. Sabrina thought to invite the whole family as it was a really fun set up for everyone to enjoy. We also surprised Khairul with a cake for his birthday!

The plan was to get everyone in the blue zone for the parade and set up. But all of us arrived when the balloons were already up. And since we went in separate cars, the Husband and I along with Lysa and Aryan were at the other end from where the family was. Since we had to walk to the other side, I quickly took our tickets from Najwan and got us four (including Aryan) to get into the blue zone and enjoy the short photo session before we went out to meet up with the family via an exit nearer to them.

After the cake session, the Husband and I accompanied Sabrina and the family to the mosque nearby. Sabrina saw the Putrajaya food truck area beside the mosque and decided to have dinner there after prayers. We did invite the others but they were too exhausted, so they headed to the mall instead. We had a short dinner and then ran back to the blue zone to enjoy the night session.


It was an exhausting weekend and I burnt my skin but super super worth it. For more photos and videos, you can head to my Facebook (click here).


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