#syadhil : The Five Years Anniversary & Short Getaway


I know this blog post is a few months late as our anniversary was actually in January. This year, we celebrated our fifth anniversary which never ceases to shock the world. Because five years of marriage! So how did we do it?

I honestly have absolutely no idea. We are not as we seem and even our closest friends get shocked by what happens behind closed doors. But isn't that how every married couples are like?

What I can note is that over the years, I find myself saying, "And that's why I'm married to him." Raja Nadhil Aqran is not as he seems. Don't believe his quiet and nice exterior, he can be garang when he needs to be. Haha. But he understands me and respects me and treats me as best as he can. I know that occasionally, people tell him to reign in on his wife, but he knows who he married and usually is a very chill person. We value our privacy and we are selective in the things we share to the outside. And that is also what makes our marriage perfect.

Anyway, let's stop talking about him and all the things that make him a great husband (or the things that don't). I am so not into the whole declaration of love thing. I'm shy. Haha.

During the New Year's, Nadhil wanted to go for a quick getaway just for fun. We ended up checking in at Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi and had a chill night reminiscing on our 2016 Eurotrip. While the resort was inspired by Colmar, a French countryside, it actually reminded me a little of Brugge, Belgium because of how small and cozy it is.

We checked in and headed for some pizza as we were starving from the one-hour journey. And then we headed back to our suite to freshen up for dinner. I wore a gold sequin jacket (totally over the top) just for the sake of celebration. We went to the French restaurant because only the finest for us, duh. Lol. And we just had so much fun on the short romantic getaway.

After dinner, we watched some performances in the middle of the square before we called it a night. Well, I called it a night. Nadhil ordered supper.

We woke up in the morning fresh for a morning of OOTDs and Starbucks coffee before we headed back home. While it was a non-eventful occasion, a quick getaway is amazing for that downtime you need to unwind.

Where's your favourite short getaway?


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  1. awww!! lawa! love the pics. and happy half-a-decade to you and hubs!