The Movement Control Order & Syahira Zakaria Domesticated!


Dear readers,

MCO is ending soon and I have to go back to the office and I am having mixed feelings about it. When the MCO first started, I felt like I was caged or a bird with clipped wings; how against nature it is for me to stay at home. There was not much work during the period and so I went a little nuts.

It started with me binge reading romance novels, to watching (not playing) Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-II, playing Harvetmoon Back-to-Nature, Dream Day Wedding Series and FINALLY, I started to be just a little bit domesticated.

I started with spring cleaning my closet and dressing table to baking (just to let you know, I am a baking queen) to finally learning how to cook! Honestly, the Husband is the one who is very enthusiastic about cooking. Some of the dishes we made includes Tuscan Creamy Chicken, Lasagna, Teriyaki Chicken (we made our own Teriyaki sauce) and Salmon Teriyaki. For Salmon, we bought them at Tesco for about RM6 a piece! Thank you, Farah Najwa, for the tip! On a side not, Farah ate Salmon everyday during her confinement period and she told me that she got it for cheap from Tesco.

With my MIL, I learnt her recipe for Bread Butter Pudding and Apple Crumble. I also made Cream Caramel Pudding with the Husband. We tried two different recipes. On Mother's Day, as my mum is in Ipoh and I am in KL, we video chat to discuss Cream Caramel Pudding recipes and we made the same one that day while in different states. It was really fun!

Do let me know if you think I should cook anything and share the recipe here! I will share my favourite recipe for cream caramel pudding next!


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