Presenting "Miss Gorgeous Fashionista"


My sister, Syuddy, had her college Annual Grand Dinner. The theme was 'Fashionista'. As she is my closet partner, she asked me if she could borrow something. Anything at all! As she had no idea what to wear.

As she is busy in Beranang with her medical posting, I told her that I would handle everything. She can even borrow my super flowy and expensive skirt that I rarely wear myself.

But the truth was, for her birthday present, I got her the Black SWAN skirt by ARNADIA from GAYA! (They have released two other colours: Peach & Blue)

She got to the apartment 2 hours before her event. So I laid down 20 shawls of different colours and about 4 different tops. The skirt was hidden in the closet.

After she showered and put on her make up, she looked at the clothes and asked me, "Where's the skirt?"

I just waved my hand at her and said, "In the closet." I was acting so cool and calm.

And her face when she saw the skirt? Priceless!

Happy (belated) Birthday, sister dearest!

But here's the BEST part of the night, she came back wearing a tiara and sash because she won BEST DRESSED at the event! Miss Gorgeous Fashionista, my sister!

Here's the look I styled for her (style by Sya! Haha) :

Black Swan (Tutu Skirt) : ARNADIA by GAYA
Long Sleeve Sequin Top : Syuhada's own
Chiffon Buttoned Cape : Nichii
Satin Shawl : TudungPeople

Special thanks to my dearest sister, Syuddy for willing to pose for me.


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  1. She's so gorgeous!!!! Love the look! And congratulations Syuddy! :)

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