Pattern on pattern: Black & White


Two weeks ago, my SIL invited me to accompany her to "Galeri Ariani: An Exclusive Preview" gala hi-tea and fashion show to introduce Ariani’s 2014 Collection at the Grand Ballroom of Double Tree Hotel by Hilton. We were seated at the media table with other bloggers right beside the VIP table.

There were familiar faces and new found friends. It was really fun. My SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina has written a review on the event. (click here)

The theme was 'kemas' and 'berstail' (smart and stylish) to which my respond was........

....yes. It was a big blank of nothing. Of course the best part was that everyone there wore baju kurung and jubah. I should have known. It's Ariani. My mum used to tell me to wear a pretty baju kurung at events like this. I, however, am out of baju kurung(s) as most of them are in Ipoh.

So here's what I wore:

Cassie Pinafore (2-in-1) : chantiquecloset
Maysaa A Pearl Shawl : TudungPeople
Stripe Cardigan : Hand-me-down from Mother
Black Heels : An engagement present from Abby.
Photographer : Raja Nadia Sabrina


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