Before #syadhilwedding Part II : The Engagement of Raja Nadhil Aqran & Syahira Zakaria.


Everything before marriage life is so blur to me now. It hasn't even been a year and I have already forgotten so much about the engagement. What I do remember is that I had Australs (Australasian Inter-varsity Debating Championship) and SIDEO (Sri Iskandar Debate Open) a few weeks before the event.

Now that I think about it, I'm lucky that everything went smoothly considering my absence from home. You see, we never hired a wedding planner for anything. My mum and I planned everything ourselves. But how do you plan an event without being there? It's a wonder, isn't it?

The morning of the engagement, I woke up at 6AM and just ran around the house like a mad person looking for my dress and veil and pins and perfume and...just everything! I knew where they were but I just had to check. And re-check. Just to be sure.

Then, after a shower, I washed my face and put on different products and masks. Whitening, moisturising, hiding the eye bags! All those things. I was trying to cover my burnt skin from the Yayasan Sime Darby-1MDB Internship boot camp. Boot camp before my engagement? Yup. It was compulsory.

So, at 8AM, my MUA came and I got ready. TA-DA!
My dress is made by my personal tailor in Ipoh, Monday Fashion. The beads, however, are by Auntie Letty (Datin Ainul Ismail). She's our personal Rizalman. Actually, the design I wanted is something like what my sister wore to my reception but there wasn't enough time. My dress was ready the day before the event!

As for accessories, I wore a diamond bracelet and a gold heart locket. The late Datin Rokiah lent me the necklace as one of her many contributions to both my engagement and wedding. She will always be in my prayers and memories. It's been a few weeks since she passed. I was able to visit her when she was in a coma a few days before. I hope that all my readers could sedekah Al-Fatihah to her.
My old prom shoes


The decoration was white & pink while my family wore blue. Why blue? Because it stands out. Over the next few events, you will begin to realise that the colours we chose had a purpose. There are basically two purposes, which are either to pop out or to blend in.
The pelamin is by Ayu Wedding Planner
After the event, we heard a lot of people saying that the pelamin was too simple. That was actually the point. We didn't really plan to have a pelamin anyway. But after many thoughts, we decided we needed one for numerous reasons. At first, the planners sent these really shocking pink flowers so we sent them back. There were more deco and flowers actually. But we removed them because we felt that the colours were too bright. By the way, this is the dining room.

The living room? It became a hall.
His family in green.


Here's the hantaran photos. It's not hard to guess which side they are from. Mine is done by Auntie Zura, a very skilled artist. Her past works include 10 years with Kraftangan, the hantaran of the Prime Minister's daughter's engagement and Siti Nurhaliza's wedding.

My dulang girls in purple except my sister.


I wasn't there for the whole exchange of pantun and discussion. I was supposed to be hidden. I admit, I tried to sneak a look at what was happening but everyone blocked my view. There was just so many people! So these photos and the video are something new to me too as I remember the day as something so different from what is shown through the eyes of everyone else.

There are so many things more that I can write about, but I end this post with the most important part: The photos & video. Credits are at the end, okay? 
Upacara Suap Gula (Sugar Feeding) is a Perak adat. My mother said that it's to sweeten our tongue (biar manis mulut) because I have such a poisonous one.
There were actually 7 types of dessert. And I only got to taste 2. 
We also had door gifts. Made by myself. With the help of family & friends, of course!

Official Photographer: Sweetpictures Photography
Official Videographer: BeeHunt Studio (They have moved to Perth)
Dress: Monday Fashion (Ipoh) & Auntie Letty
Shoes: Old prom shoes from Robinson, The Gardens
Pelamin: Ayu Wedding Planner (Ipoh)
Hantaran: Auntie Zura & Auntie Rabisah
Dessert: Aunite Linda & @bondasbaker

I hope I have it all covered. Hungry for more? Head over to my SIL's (rnadiasabrina) blog post titled 'The Engagement of My Brother Nadhil & Syahira 1 : The Video + Pictures'. You'll also learn a fun fact or two!


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