Black & Gold Zipper Dress


Black is the go to colour. It can be worn anywhere & anytime. But black and gold? That's classy! I promised that I would share this look (the one I wore to Avon's Beauty Day Out) because I really want to tell you guys about the dress.

It's a Zipper Dress. So the dress is super versatile! You can unzip the zips at the front that's running down the dress, as well as the zips at the collar bone. How? I'll show you in another post, OK? This time, I wore it as it is.

I was doing my usual online window shopping routine when I stumbled across . It's a Runway Inspired online shop. The designs come from London, improvised from the runway, but the clothes are made in South East Asia. And guess where Malaysia is? It's in South East Asia. 
Another fun fact: The zips are actually made in Malaysia! By YKK (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. YKK is this huge fastening products manufacturer that supplies all over the world. Some of the companies that use their zippers include Coach (as in the handbag), Gucci and Louis Vuitton as well, at one point or the other. 

When I got this dress, I was like, Louis Vuitton handbags use the same zip as my dress! Too excited? But seriously, any fashion lover would know that an LV is just so expensive that having something that is even associated with it would excite just about anyone. This also shows that the quality of my dress is the same as an LV handbag. But much cheaper!

Any guesses how much my amazing dress costs? It's RM149.90.

The 'Raven' Maxi Zip Dress:
Follow them on Instagram @seacitizencom and check them out at their hashtag #seacitizencom
Gold Glitter Shawl: My sister's
Black Batwing Cardigan: Zaza Apparels by @rajanoora
Check them out by searching the hashtag #zazareadytowear on Instagram
Black Heels: Gift from friend
Arm Candy: Gift from my Mother-in-Law

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