Blonde Floral Tie-Up


It's almost the end of Ramadhan and Raya Aidilfitri is approaching. Everyone must be busy preparing food, cleaning up the house and not to forget, the clothes! What are you wearing this Raya?

As for me? It's a surprise! I admit, I have way too many clothes in the closet, but what to wear to Raya is not difficult to choose. I have mine made. But no one will see it until the day. So look out for my Raya looks. Yuppp. Plural. It's gonna be like a marathon. But I assure you, other than one modern, edgy look, everything else will be sweet and grandmother approved.

Anyway, this Ramadhan, I haven't posted much. Well, it's a month for us to concentrate on our ibadah and I fasted from blogging while at it. And so, it has been about a month since I posted a look post. Ta-Daa! A look post.
I went to The Husband's extended family's big iftar in this floral tie-up skirt. I was waiting for him at Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat when we realised that it's the perfect place for an outfit shot!

I love the skirt because it can be worn by a person of any shape or size. Some of you might know that I have a problem of being too petite. It's difficult to find perfect fitted clothes for me. Which is wear the skirt is amazing. It's a perfect fit for everyone. Just tie it at the waist once you've wrapped it around you, and done!
Pastel Yellow Shawl : Pari-Pari Shawls
Floral Tie-Up Skirt : My sister's old thing
Black Blouse : Nichii
Grey Heels : Zang Toi

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