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Middle East Glam (MEG) is an Abaya clothing store from Dubai, UAE. The founder, Ida Ibrahim, used to be in Oil & Gas before she went into fashion. Nobody wants to stay in their field eh? The brand has not even reached it's one year mark and it's already expanding in Malaysia.

For their Summer/Raya Collection, they are having a collaboration with Aliza Kim. Who is Aliza Kim? A Thai-American former international model who has embraced Islam just recently. She announced to the world of this in her Facebook, under the note 'The Truth That Found Me' (click here to read). I have read the article and it is so beautiful. She writes on her life's journey as well as of the beauty of Islam.

The collaboration is called Ida Ibrahim by MEG, inspired by Aliza Kim. There are 10 designs of Abaya which are divided into 3 categories: Farasha (Butterfly in Arabic), Princess and Goddess. The face of this collection is none other than Natasha Hudson. For the catalogue each of the designs, Ida had hired 10 lucky models, including me! And this is what the post is about: the BTS of the photoshoot we had.

We met at Yaya's place at 8AM as her family was so kind to lend their place for us to do our make up as the initial place was in Shah Alam, which was very far from the shooting location. Ida had hired 3 MUAs to do our make up. And surprise surprise! One of them is my friend, Eli! I was happy and excited because we were supposed to team up a few months ago but the shoot was cancelled due to the series of rain.
We were all ready by about 1PM, when we head off to Taman Metropolitan, Kepong. It's a super huge park with so many beautiful areas. It was very nostalgic for me as I had my bachelorette picnic photoshoot here too! Read about The Pretty Pastel Bachelorette Picnic Photoshoot, FATE here.

However, for this shoot, we had it by the lake rather than among the trees. I was late as Ida and I had to make a very far U-turn as we had gone through the wrong entrance. The park is huge, it's no wonder we got lost!

Upon arrival, some of the girls had done their shots and left to send Alyssa to her finals. Yup. One of the models had finals that day. So I only managed to get shots of a few of the girls. Enjoy the photos!


With Ida Ibrahim, the founder of MEG.
It was a long and tiring day and I just hope that did not show in our faces. After the show, we actually went for tea at Cafe Lapis, Wangsa Maju, my personal favourite hangout spot. It was truly exciting and fun to be able to work with MEG as well as to make new gorgeous friends who all have different backgrounds.

Anyway, the collection is out! So do check out these beautiful pieces. They come with a matching shawl. I got one for myself too! Any guesses which?

More on Middle East Glam:

Founder: @idaibrahim85

Official Photographer: Amar Ishak (@amarishak) from Manismoment Studio


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