#syadhilwedding special : Engelberg, Switzerland, The Perfect Honeymoon Destination


I have been to Switzerland a few times before. Each time exploring different parts of the neutral country. For our honeymoon, we went to Engelberg. A new place for the both of us. The Husband has never gone for a winter holiday, and boy, he had the shock of his life. A few days in the snow and he had a fever! Gosh. And I didn't know what to do, being a new wife and all! Now that I think about it, it's quite hilarious.

We flew off the night after the Majlis Bertandang and we landed in Zurich in the morning. We went straight to Engelberg via train. I love that the airport and the train station is side by side. Public transport is so easy! It was less than 2 hours of an amazing journey. The view, as we travelled, was just breathtaking. We've seen paintings and photos that seem surreal because it's just to good to be true. But. This. Was. Real. All praises to the Almighty. This world is His, and what a beautiful world it is.

I love looking at how excited he was. Everything was so new to him. Everything was so beautiful. And he loves photography! So he would just take photos and ignore me during the train ride. But I didn't mind at all because seeing how happy he was, it made me happy.

We took along two cameras and of course, our phones had cameras too. We have over a thousand photos which made choosing very difficult.

You can see our movement from the sequence of the photos. We were from the city heading to the alps, from barely any snow to cold winter.

And it was freezing cold. When we arrived at Engelberg, I was like, "Why did I choose this place? WHY?" but when we got to Alphaven, the place we were renting for the week, I stopped complaining. I highly recommend the place to anyone who wants a nice quiet ski-holiday in Engelberg. Check it out at www.alphaven.ch

It was up the mountain and the place was very luxurious and the view from our place was simply stunning! Although walking back and forth to the town was not an option. We did it the first day but after, we took Charlie Taxi. A very nice taxi driver. We even took a ride with him to Zurich instead of getting the train.

On the first day, we just went around town and checked out Coop, one of the largest chain supermarket there is. It's in every town I've ever been to in Switzerland. The name reminds me of kooperasi sekolah. Remember the days?

On the second day, we went straight up to Mt. Titlis. It was freezing cold and I dreaded going to the suspension bridge because of the cold. But it was definitely an amazing experience to be on the highest suspension bridge in Europe, 3000m above sea level.

After our little adventure, we realised that it wasn't so late. So we went skiing. That was the Husband's first ski lesson ever. And it was a horrible one, for him. The instructor was confused and didn't know what to do because we were at very different levels. Because we constantly stayed outdoor in the cold and he constantly fell into the snow, he caught a cold.

These were taken with our phones while we were skiing.

And I did the most horrible thing a new wife could do on her honeymoon. I went skiing without him, the next day. Sorry. It was just that we already paid for the instructor and we couldn't waste that amount. And he slept through the morning anyway. When I came back with lunch, he thought I never left!

The next day, we went skiing again, before heading to Zurich. The Husband felt better and he thought it'd be a waste not to ski. It was our last day in Engelberg! This time, we got separate instructors because he needs to learn how to ski and its better when I'm not around. I went all the way up to Trubsee. And the Husband now knows how to do the snowplough to stop. Yay! He was happy and excited from his lesson that day, his last lesson of the year. Lol.

InsyaAllah, we'll be heading to Switzerland again this year. Both of us can't wait to ski some more! It's one of my favourite sports!

In Zurich

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