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Back in school (not so long ago) I never really cared about my wellness and beauty. I'd just buy anything from the kedai runcit (small convenience store) for my daily baths. It's cheap and easy, anyway. However, as I slowly blossomed into adulthood, I realised that wellness and beauty is very important for a woman. Especially married ones. So I started to go to Body Shop, LUSH, SkinFood and the likes of it for my scrubs and soaps.

I love their products, don't get me wrong, but the problem I have is: 1) There's no LUSH in Malaysia. 2) They are a bit pricey. Especially my favourite ones.

Recently, I stumbled upon a cheaper alternative which smells great! I have been trying out a few of their products for the past few weeks since I met the owner at one of the many weekend bazaars held in Rasta TTDI.

Ku Shazwani founded The Sabun when she was figuring out what present to give a friend. She wanted something original, something no one has done before. She decided to make her own soap! Very original, eh? When her other friends saw, they all wanted one too! That's when she figured she'd open up The Sabun.

So the products from The Sabun are all made in her house, by herself. Cool right? I love the fact that she uses 100% organic ingredients for the products. Unless you're skin is sensitive to any kind of vegetable, it should be fine.

I actually bought a number of products to try with my sister and mum. All three of us share a love for fragrance products. But what really made us fall in love with The Sabun is that they have things like Asam Jawa and Serai Wangi. Some things you just can't find at other shops and it's so Malaysian!

Price: RM30

There are 10 body scrubs available. I have only gotten these three but I am hoping to get Cookie Dough soon! I'm sure it smells good enough to eat!

My favourite of the three is Coconut Lime. Fact: All of the names describe exactly the ingredients and the smell. When I heard the name, I didn't know what to think. Coconut and lime. Weird. But when I opened the bottle, wow. It smells amazing!

I love using the scrub because it leaves the skin soft and shimmery and glowing. As they are sugar-based, they don't sting like most salt-based scrubs do. So you don't feel like you're scratching your skin off. And the choices of smell is so you can choose the most relaxing and rejuvenating one that fits you. Some even have medical purposes.

You will feel like you're walking out of a spa, when you're really just walking out of your bathroom!

Price: RM10

This is my first lip scrub, ever. I never knew we could scrub lips.

Ku's advice was to use the scrub after brushing my teeth before going to bed but I just use it all the time. It's my alternative lip balm because my lips are dry and cracky. And the lip scrub helps a lot in removing the dead skin on my lips. It also moisturises.


The Sabun's latest edition in the family is an actual lip balm, but I haven't gotten my hands on them.

Price: Varies

So these are customizable soaps, available on request or sometimes, at weekend bazaars. I got myself Serai Wangi, Sweet Coconut and Lavender. My favourite, again, is the one with coconut: Sweet Coconut.

Alternatively, if you don't like to use bar soaps, they also sell Cube Gula (Sugar Cubes) which look like sugar cubes but really, they are small bars of soap. You just have to take one cube for every time you shower. It's RM20 , packed in the same packaging like the scrubs (420g).

Overall, I love all of their products and I encourage you to get some too! It's good for your hygiene and they smell so delicious.

The reason I decided to change to The Sabun is because it's affordable compared to other stores. Furthermore, it's 100% organic and homemade. Ku doesn't have a factory or a lab. She does it at home while she looks after her baby. We should definitely support her efforts in making these. I see huge potential in the products to be the next LUSH or SkinFood and I pray that she gets there.

She accepts orders for any occasion: your everyday use, door gifts for events and gift baskets for special days. Just whatsapp/text her at 011-32349009 or email  Alternatively, you can contact her through The Sabun's Facebook Page (click here) or her instagram @the.sabun (click here)


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