Fasting from Social Media


Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin, my dear readers!

I know I haven't updated the blog in awhile ever since I started my finals and law attachment program. Honestly, I did not feel like sharing about my days spent in the whole of Ramadhan. I felt like secluding myself from social media, as if my actions would be more ikhlas if I didn't 'tell the world' about it; I was fasting from social media.

I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey, where the Ottoman empire had built their empire to 2/3 of the world. The last time I came, I was 17 and 'wild & free'. A time that I have never talked about. This time, I am so different than before that it really hit me, you know. The trip is like a reflection for me.

Anyway, with Eid, I also reflected on how private I actually was. A lot of people have asked my friends (but never straight to me, I wonder why) why I rarely post photos of my family. The truth is, I never did until this blog came about and blasted my life out of proportion. It was nothing really, just a very difficult adjustment.

The point is, my whole life in Ipoh with my family, I have always been taught to be private. It was always don't tell people this or that and never tell people you're on holiday or your phone number or address. Don't post photos of your parents. Don't post photos of your house. Or your plate number.

The truth is, these are really smart. I still keep to most of the rules. But being in Ipoh for my attachment, I feel like keeping to the rules even more. 

And I love it.

I don't see the need to post on social media about everything. It's not healthy. It's an obsession.

However, I began questioning my fasting from social media when my dad asked me if I was coming to a charity program for pictures. He was trying to support me in blogging by inviting me to so many charities in Ramadhan, I swear I went for at least one charity event per week. He wanted to help me inspire others to do the same.

So I decided that I will blog about my Ramadhan soon, after this trip of course. I also should blog about this trip! Coming soon, ok? I promise.


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  1. Ikhlas is about doing everything for Allah because He ask you to or because He loves the thing that you're doing. It's all about the intention.

    And yes, to share good things you do to inspire people because it's dakwah. IT IS ikhlas.

    Can't wait for your posts <3