Belle Ballerina


Last week was my birthday and I received an extra special surprise in my mailbox: My very own pair of custom-made Christy Ng shoes! 

This sweet pink ballerina flats with lace and 3D flower detailing is to die for! I fell in love with them at first sight. I love shades of pink, if you haven’t noticed. And they suit my personality too as they remind me of the days when I was a dancer!

When I first laid my eyes on the ballerina flats, I could see myself wearing them to the garden: A wedding or a date in the park. The pastel hue would suit beautifully with the green background. Since the shoes brought back nostalgic memories of when I was still dancing (I am a certified Malay Traditional dancer), I decided to pair them with my favorite flowy gold chiffon skirt. I truly felt like I was dancing again!

Shawl: Puresilk from Shang Hai
Fringe Jacket: KLCC
Sweet Pink Ballerina Flats with Lace and 3D Flower Detailing: Christy Ng

Christy Ng isn’t your average shoe brand. They are more than that. They craft their product to match you. Made in Malaysia, they have an array of designs to choose from, they also have a line of bridal and bridesmaids heels AND you can custom make your very own desired personal design!


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  1. Beautiful flats, sya. Oh, i love your skirt as well

  2. happy belated birthday!!

    that shoes, OMG, so niceeeee...nak satu!!!!!