'My Chantilly' Eid 2018 by EMEL


Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend EMEL by Melinda Looi's My Chantilly Eid 2018 Fashion Show at what used to a British American Tobacco Malaysia factory. The walls were covered with graffiti art inspired by Melinda Looi herself and the lace motif of the collection and Renault cars were driven onto the runway for the celebrities' grand entrance.

“My Chantilly” is a colourful and very wearable collection of modern baju kurung inspired by the beauty of Chantilly lace. Emel, known for creating exclusive prints, has taken it one step further this year with lace-motif fabrics, giving the illusion of an exclusive and delicate lace textile. 

The versatility of the collection makes the pieces easy to mix and match, allowing the modern woman to pair stylish tops with EMEL’s signature and flattering bias-cut skirts. The collection features the traditional Malay outfit in a colourful range of lacy prints and colour-block designs, offering exciting choices for every fashionista this coming Raya 2018.

With my date, Adlin
The word EMEL is derived from the word amal which is Arabic for hope, expectation, and aspiration. In Malay, it means good deeds or charity. Each year EMEL brings awareness and raise funds for a charitable cause.

This year, the EMEL team has targeted to collect funds and food aid worth a minimum of RM60,000 to support two orphanages in Kedah for the entire year of 2019, o ensure the kids keep on track with their education. The orphanages - Pertubuhan Asuhan & Didikan Anak Yatim Miskin in Sg. Petani and Rumah Anak Yatim Nur Hidayah in Baling - jointly care for 62 children, and depend on public donations to survive.

The food and funds will be managed and distributed by CHARITY RIGHT, a charitable organization specialized in providing food aid to schools, refugee centers and orphanages. The objective is to keep the kids well nourished hence able to follow through on their education, giving them a chance to break out of the circle of poor education and poverty.

The collection is now available on emelbymelindalooi.com as well as on Fashion Valet and Zalora. EMEL has also lowered the price range on their pieces in order to allow more people to afford the  gorgeous line and do charity at the same time.

As you all know, I am a Melinda Looi bride and have seen Mel at work. I can attest to her charitable character. She has a huge heart and I know for a fact that she truly believes in the cause in which she is supporting through this line. I truly admire Mel and her work ethics. Good job, EMEL team!

Managed to have a short catch up session with the beautiful Diana Amir

All photos are by Sharifah Noor Hidayah


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