Losing Weight with the Help of Kerengga


Hello, dear readers!

It's Ramadhan already and Eid is just around the corner! And of course, our MAJOR concern for the upcoming is Eid is if we will still fit into that custom made asymmetrical lace kurung we sent for tailoring by that major designer? I have so far gone to two fittings and I have yet to maintain my figure! Oh, the horror!

As you all know, I'm not the healthiest person out there. Having said that, I've always managed to maintain my weight and (sometimes) my figure. However, with age catching up, I find that my metabolism is really slowing down and I have since my wedding days, put on more than 10kg and I cannot fit into my designer pieces made to measure back when I was in my uni days!

Recently, I was introduced to Kerengga (which actually means giant red ant) which is a line of two products by MH Solutions: Kerengga Chocolate Shake and Poopoil Kerengga Chewable Tablet. Intended to be an additional supplement, it is said to help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism using natural ingredients.

Kerengga Chocolate Shake

The Kerengga Chocolate Shake tastes like Milo! It's so delicious! But the reality is, of course, you will not magically become skinny from consuming the chocolate shake!

How it works is that the 200ml drink will make you fill full for about 12 hours so you can control your diet. It's as easy as that!

Steps to consume Kerengga Chocolate Shake:
1. Mix one sachet of Kerengga Chocolate Shake with 200ml of cold water (avoid using hot water)
2. Shake the mixture
3. Consume once a day after breakfast
4. If you are above 80kg, consume a second mix after lunch.

Poopoil Kerengga Chewable Tablet

This chocolate flavoured chewable tablet is to be taken with the chocolate shake for best intended effect. Just consume 1-2 tablets a day, before breakfast.

My Thoughts & Experience

As I come from a family full of doctors, I chose to give this product as it is approved by KKM 290817/08/141. I love that everything tastes like chocolate as I am a huge fan of all things chocolate. I received the products in my mailbox right before I went to Manchester. Since the consumption of these supplements, I have lost 3kgs! So I approve of giving this product a try if you need the help.

For more information on the products, do visit their Facebook page, Instagram page @kerenggahq or contact the Kerengga HQ at +6 018-870 5966 or +6 018-661 0104.


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  1. omg nak kurus slim melim cam u! hahahha xtau ble boleh lahh adei