The Adlin Series: 3 Days & 3 Nights (Wedding)



Adlin is now Mrs. Nais. Nais works in Menara Bank Islam. His office is literally just a few floors below my previous office. When they first met, I was actually still in Bank Islam and sometimes, I would hangout with Adlin over coffee at Gloria Jeans in Kenanga International while she waited for the guy. That was in 2017.

When Adlin and Nais were planning the wedding, it was a guarantee that I, along with Qila and Azra would be on #TeamBridesmaids because what other options does Adlin have? Hahahaha. And we began planning her bachelorette dinner and wedding plans together.

For the bachelorette dinner, as per always, we are super tame. We had a fun dinner at Jibby East with cake and balloons and I got everyone presents! Adlin was super surprised and I LOVE how shocked she was when she found out that she wasn't having dinner with Nais but dinner with us. I especially loved how surprised and excited she was when she saw her presents.

Fast forward 5 days later, we were checking in at an Airbnb near her house which had 3 bedrooms and was HUGE, meant to be shared between us four. Such a waste of money because all of us ended up sleeping in the same bed anyway! LOL! We are so clingy like that. I honestly love playing house with the girls and it really made me miss college life a lot.

Adlin had her Malam Berinai and while I was in attendance, I went to bed before everyone started the photoshoot. The reason is because I was down with acute tonsillopharyngitis. It was really painful and I really lost my voice. Not kidding. I woke up on Adlin's solemnization day to see Azra and Adlin in bed with me and Adlin had a partially red face due to her sleeping position where her henna-ed hand was under her cheek. THAT WAS SO FUNNY!

Anyway, we got ready and was late to the solemnization because we were not keeping time. We also almost left the groom's ring in the rush. Luckily, I remembered right before we ran out the door. I drove like a mad woman to the venue (which was just two streets away) and parked at the Imam's parking space front and centre like a boss.

And then, Adlin and Nais are married!

(And we played housemate for a night. Which I LOVED!)

The next morning, I woke up to Adlin and Nais leaving to get ready for their reception whilst Azra and I played house and waited for the bridesmaids to come and get their respective dulangs. Upon everyone being ready, we checked out and headed to Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (literally!).

Adlin is a very lovable person and so many people turned up to celebrate with her and I know that everyone had so much fun, especially me.

With love,

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