"I'd pick you up and we'd go back in time." Amazing Instagram Captions from Red (Taylor's Version) Part I


So Taylor Swift just released her album Red (Taylor's Version) and I am still listening to the whole album and I've been crying for over an hour. 

Red is super special to me because it's at her Red tour in Kuala Lumpur that I got to meet her AND she dedicated Enchanted to me DURING THE CONCERT. LIKE WHAAAATTTTTTT.

You can read all about it here: Taylor Swift Red Tour Asia: She dedicated 'Enchanted' , the special song to me.

I was listening to the album when this song caught my attention, I mean, extra attention. There's always a song that becomes my favourite in the first listen (and then a million listens later, all songs becomes my favourite. Hahahaha.)

It's "The Very First Night".

It's like such a sad song, and at the same time a bop so I'm like crying and nodding my head to the beat and wondering who the hell made her feel this and WHY ARE YOU SO RELATABLE, TAYLOR?

Also on the album is the 10 minutes version of All Too Well, which I also absolutely LOVE! 

Maybe I just love crying.

Favourite lyrics from these 2 songs which will definitely be Instagram captions, below:

"You never called it what it was, til we were dead and gone and buried."

"You kept me like a secret,
But I kept you like an oath."

"Maybe I asked for too much."

"But I’m in a new hell every time you double-cross my mind."

"Just between us, did the love affair maim you too?"

"I’d pick you up and we’d go back in time."

"I drive down different roads but they all lead back to you."

"We never saw it coming."

"Not trying to fall in love."

"We were built to fall apart."

"No one knows how much I miss you."

"Chased me down through the hallway."

With love,

p.s. So that's two songs. Just a million more to go! Hahahaha.

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