Ravens x stylebysya x ViQ: Women's Futsal Squad Jersey Launch


Dear readers,

This year, I sponsored the Ravens Athletic's Women Futsal Squad together with ViQ Apparel. The co-operation came about when I began playing futsal actively again after so many years of being lazy. My come-back into the healthy lifestyle was really much thanks to Megat, Ravens' founder/coach/manager. He always pushes me to test my physical limits and beyond encourages me to share my journey. He helps create content when I need it too!

Being a futsal enthusiast and in support of women empowerment in what used to be (and maybe still is) a male-dominated sport, I decided to sponsor Ravens Athletic's Women Futsal Squad. Together with me, ViQ Apparel co-sponsored the jersey and had them ready within one week. How amazing is that?

The launch was done at Sportizza's FIFA court and I had the support of Jasyu, Mai, Najwan and Dr. Amir! So much love from them and super fun time with all the girls from Ravens and friends!



With love,

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