Warm Winter: Swiss Alps


Dear Readers,

After COVID-19 hit the globe and we went into all kinds of lockdowns, I had not travelled overseas. Basically, ever since I can remember, 2021 was a year without the chop in my passport and it pains me to even brain that.

So, before 2022 ended, most of my family members packed our bags and flew off to Switzerland, again. We had not visited Switzerland in about 7 years because since my brother began his studies in the UK in 2016, we stopped our annual trips to the neutral country and had annual trips to visit him instead. 

During one of my eldest nephew's conversations with his grandfather, he said that he really wanted to experience the snow. As we used to ski on the Swiss Alps, my dad thought it's the perfect place to revisit. 

Little did we know, Europe would be facing a heat wave during the time we were there. And that was the first time we saw Switzerland not fully covered in all-white snow.

As usual, we went skiing and that was certainly the biggest mistake of my life because I already had knee injuries before flying here. But I really miss skiing! We chose Murren which was another big mistake because it's one of the hardest slopes for me and you know I have conquered multiple ski resorts in the Swiss Alps. So there I was, acah facing my fears when I fell, face down and tried to grip the ice with gloveless hands (it was hot!) and scraped my hands and knee.

Honestly, I felt like it was so weird that I'm shaking because I always fall. Until I saw blood. I didn't realize that I had cut myself quite badly. So the next day, I didn't ski again.

Instead, I got to spend time with my babies and tried out cafes in Interlaken. There's this one cafe near Hohematte, what I like to call Interlaken's central park, that serves amazing bagels and crepe. Maryam shared mine and was so angry when I finished it off, I had to order another one.

In Zurich, the Husband and I got some us time due to a miscommunication. We went on a very expensive date at Cafe Elena which is this pink floral cafe, which ada je kat KL but this one is in Switzerland and it's halal! I told my fambam so they all came to eat as were about to leave. 

Overall, we had a fun time, as usual and I look forward to more family trips in the future! In the meantime, here are some of my OOTDs.

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