Denim Days: Juggling Everything


For the past few months, I realised, I've been throwing on maxi skirts all the time. Because it's easy and it's the item you'd see on a hijabi that properly covers her aurah. But it's so boring and it gets old. So I decided that it's time for a change.

While I do wear jeans on my lazy days, it isn't suitable at all times. I study in IIUM, I work eight to five everyday that I'm not in class and I have multiple other things that I do where jeans is not an option. So when I can't wear them, what do I turn to?

Key points to take note: I need something that says 'working'. It also has to scream '20', my age, which means, it has to look fun and, most importantly, I want my personality to burst through.

So, my pick for today is this Jersey Blue Palazzo Jumpsuit from

Why? It's loose and Muslimah friendly. The cutting is also suitable for office wear, which is where I was from; my office. The material is jersey and not denim. So it's super comfy and cooling, perfect for Malaysia's weather.

You can pair the jumpsuit with either a blazer or this cool jacket I'm wearing. At first, I wore the blazer but I felt that it was just too bland, I changed to my orange cropped jacket, also from I think it's obvious that I like a pop of colour. Some of my friends commented on my choice of colours. They said that it's okay for me but not for them. But the truth is, all you need is a little confidence. Yes, with this orange, people can spot you from a mile away, I don't argue there. But who cares. If you love yourself, if you think you can, you CAN! Colour is good. You'll look alive! Trust me on this, OK?

Jersey Blue Palazzo Jumpsuit & The Orange Cropped Jacket :
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