The Back-Lace : Attending The Official Opening Gala of INTRADE Malaysia 2014 and Malaysia Fashion Week 2014


Last night’s event marked the start of a mega series of 12 fashion shows featuring 61 designers from 15 countries and I am thankful to have been able to witness it.

This year, the INTRADE exhibition at Menara MATRADE introduces a segment called FACIT (Fashion, Art, Cosmetics, Interiors and Textile). It is one of Malaysia Fashion Week’s special highlights to boost the lifestyle sector of the international trade event. It comprises of 412 booths with exhibitors from many countries.

I have been to MATRADE for exhibitions and bazaars countless of times but this is the first time I have seen it been decorated so beautifully.I was in awe with everything displayed in the exhibition. Everything was so beautiful. Here's a glimpse of the exhibition:

The Carousel was actually spinning when we first arrived
There were also models posing as real-life mannequin everywhere

So these were some of the dresses that were on the ground floor. We had to proceed to the third floor for the dinner and the Husband and I were pretty late. We were a few seconds away from the Deputy Prime Minister's entrance. I didn't take a picture of the hall but I have to give it to them. It was grand that even I was at awe even though I have had my share of gala dinners and fashion shows.

I know, the lights were purple. Gosh, it reminds me of my wedding, now that I think about it. Anyway, the husband and I sat with a bunch of amazing people. I was sitting beside Sazzy Falak's partner, Endie Shazlie, KL's one-man party machine, or so I've heard. Sazzy was two seats from the Husband. This is a super small world. We had mutual friends/family that made small talk easy. I am also glad that the Husband agreed to attend the dinner with me. I wouldn't have had the confidence I held without him. Yes, I can be shy.

After the amazing 4-course dinner, the DPM went up to officiate the event. I remember attending MSLS by UKEC a few years ago when he gave a very, I'm so sorry, boring speech. But when it came down to the Q&A session, he was very calm, collected, interesting and smart that a student went up and told him to just talk impromptu next time. It was very amusing and the DPM was very kind to the boy's comment.

Anyway, after the launch, the fashion show begun! The one we were all waiting for, obviously.

Amber Chia looking stunning

After the show filled with fashion and live music; singing and electric violinist Dennis Lau, it was time for me to study for my 8AM Commercial Law Test, which would also be the reason I have no photos with people. We were out the door before the DPM could even stand up. I met Dennis Lau, Amber Chia and a bunch of other people in person in my rush out of MATRADE but reality calls and I was Cinderella at the ball.

I would definitely visit the booths if I have time and definitely recommend this event to all fashion lovers out there. These outfit shots were taken at the booth opposite Melinda Looi's. It's amazing, isn't it?

Here are the details of my custom-made dress by the Raileys matched with my also custom-made Pari-Pari Shawl. Beaded lace on the back and sleeves. I felt so gorgeous in the dress! I have actually been waiting for the time to wear it since a few months back and finally!


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