The Exam : Make Up by Amirah


Last week, Amirah a.k.a. Bella, had asked me to model for her for her make up portfolio. I was very excited to do it because Bella was my senior who has already graduated from law school. I didn't know she was into make up but I knew that she was very much on the creative side of things.

So we agreed to meet on Saturday at her make up academy, KAI Professional Make Up. She forgot to tell me that I was also modelling for her final exam, in which, her results vested upon my face. I was super nervous. Sama lah dengan Bella. Dua-dua nervous. Nasib baik tak hancur.

Bella had specifically asked for me to bring the dress I wore to the AIKOL Gala Night. I wrote about that dinner on Our Night of Sparkles and Tutu Skirts. That night, the decorations were by Bella herself, by the way. I told you, she's very creative.

When I went into the academy, Bella was all ready for me. Everything was already set up and we were ready to go. I liked that because most MUAs I know take awhile to start and would take a few hours. Bella took about 45 minutes from how I looked when I this:

She dolled me up as a Prom Princess!

What I think about it? Everyone knows that I'm all for the natural look. When I do doll up, it's never for no reason. And even when I do doll up, I still look like I don't wear make up. That's what most people tell me anyway. But recently, I've found love in orange/red lipstick, which is rather bold than the usual me.

This look, isn't the usual me. But, if you look at it again, it kinda does. She didn't change my face at all. I looked exactly like me. So I tried out this look and left it on for Min's wedding. A lot of people complimented on my make up. I was so shy-shy cat, and happy! Thanks for the gorgeous look, Bella!

For any inquiries about her make-up, you can call her at +6013-3373907 or comment on her instagram @makeupby_amirah


*All the photos are taken from Bella's iPhone

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