Fashion Valet @ KL Fashion Weekend 2014


Two weeks ago, I was invited to FV's show at KL Fashion Weekend 2014 at the National Art Gallery. I was there, of course, to support the fashion scene, especially my SIL's new label: aere. It was her first showcase at a fashion show and I was really excited for her. She was joined together with dUCk,  Mimpi Kita, Alia Bastamam, Syaiful Baharim, Alia B, When Our Eyes Met and Haflins. Big names of the fashion industry.

I met a few friends while I was there.

I also missed a few friends.

Funny story: At the event, I thought I saw someone familiar but I passed it off as a look-alike. But while I was scrolling through the photos one week later, I realised that it was someone I knew! Someone who has been close to me since I was little! Gosh! I feel so sad. I haven't seen her since my wedding! Hopefully I'll see her again next time.

On to the good side of things: I loved that I got to see aere's soon-to-be-released collection. Two of them were released yesterday: The 3-in-1 jumpsuit and the button-down dress. I was so excited when I saw the dress in beige, I swore I would get it. Another soon to be released item is the sequin pants. I, however, have reservations on that one as I would have nowhere to wear it to.

I was also super delighted to see that I have the Tekoru top by When Our Eyes Met in the exact colour! I wore it during Eid in my post "Contemporary : When Our Eyes Met". I also have the skirt in deep purple. A When Our Eyes Met loyal customer right here.

At the show, I realised that I've seen most of the pieces on FV and the piece by Alia Bastamam was one of my fav that I've seen.

I found a lot of pieces were inspiring and wearable. However, I am disappointed with the price of most of the items. They are sky high and as a student, I would think 10 times before making a purchase. But then again, the clothes are meant for the working society. It's just that I would love to have them too!

Excuse me for my bare face and tired look, I was having a fever from running in the rain during AIKOL Glow Night Run two nights before.

Before the show: We were all excited!
With Amber Chia, Malaysia's top supermodel.
With the star of the show: My SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina.


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