Alternative solutions: Gula-Gula Magic (GGM) and Jus D'Ria


Recently, I was invited to attend a bloggers meet up for a sharing session with Mediherba Solutions. The managing director Puan Rohasniza Rosli, also known as Yaya Rosly, the fashion designer, explained in her speech that she was motivated to create these two products named Gula-Gula Magic (GGM) and Jus D'Ria due to a few reasons. Her creation of GGM is aimed to help women to overcome period pain, irregular period and at the same time helps to promote skin clarity without selling on the word 'collagen' because GGM does not contain collagen like many other supplements. As for Jus D'Ria, it was meant for her son who suffers eczema since baby. Her determination to find an alternative cure for her son was fruitful when Jus D'Ria emerged as a solution that is able to help treat eczema, sinus and asthma.

Jus D'Ria is a supplement made from Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Ginger, Honey, Echinachea, Oregano, Garlic, Dong quai (Chinese herbs), Vitamin C, Apple and Argan stem cells. Claiming to help relieve your lung airways especially for those with asthma problems, it can help to reduce phlegm and also rashes. This is also beneficial for those with eczema issues. The aloe vera content which is specially imported from Africa assist in healing small wounds, moisturize and relieve eczema.

GGM is a supplement made with chocolate, apple and premium goat milk. With fennel flower as the main ingredient with the combination of dates, apricot, blueberry, green tea, honey and pomegranate for additional flavor, it provides several benefits to its consumers. GGM is the one and only health and beauty product without any collagen content that can reduce health risks while promoting clearer, firmer and radiant skin all the time. With the combination of fruits, fennel and goat milk imported from New Zealand, it helps to reduce high blood pressure, women who have irregular period, reduce cholesterol, improve digestion and reduce the risk of cancer while improving our skin. Goat milk which is rich in Vitamin A, B, B2, C, D and lactose is a very nutritional ingredient, beneficial to our body. There are 2 flavors in each bottle of 30 pieces which are apple and chocolate.

The products are distributed under Mediherba Solutions and have been in the market for the past nine months. Both of them are KKM certified, so it's definitely safe for consumption.

RM69(East Malaysia)/RM79(West Malaysia)
Also available in Singapore & Brunei
Instagram: @gulagulamagic

Jus D'ria (300ml)
RM88(East Malaysia)/RM98(West Malaysia)
Also available in Singapore & Brunei
Instagram: @jusderiahq

For more information, contact:
Mediherba Solutions: +6018-6610104
Mrs Yaya Rosli: +6012-6460210
Mr Syahrul :+6012-9484420
Instagram: @mediherbahq

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