Not Every New Beginning is Meant to Last Forever


I think I have said this multiple times. 'Hope' and 'Faith' are the two things that I truly hold on to to get through the days. So here I am in Terengganu, looking for them. I am not in London at the moment. The flight ticket you saw on my Insta-story was my brother's. Haha.

Now, I want to ask you. How are you doing today?

No. I am not greeting you.

I really want you to think about how you're doing today.

Good? Terrible? I want to know.

Me, personally? I have been having a mixed feelings kind of day for months now. I hate you I love you kind of thing.

But, I was in Heathrow, the London airport, when I was having a conversation on the phone with my brother, Danial. We were talking about our day and life itself, when I started to reveal all the horrible things I had to face in London and back in college. I wanted him to know that he is not alone in this world. If you're having troubles, know that everyone faces them too. (I will not reveal his troubles here out of respect to his privacy)

And then, I proceeded to tell him how I overcame everything: With Hope and Faith.

I swear I'm no model citizen. But I am thankful for all the gift I have received in life. Life can be super difficult. But for some reason, God blessed me with the most amazing family and friends! My family is always there for me to talk to. I have friends who call me just to give me support and love. I have friends willing to be my partner in crime. When I call up my friends, they drop everything for me. And that's how truly blessed I am.

They are gifts, from Allah SWT. He eases my days and helps me through this life by giving me them. I am never lonely. I am never want for company. Just last week, I texted my friend because I missed her and it just happened to be that she was 10 minutes from me. And so I dropped everything and headed to her. Because she was there when I first wrote those two words. And she has never left.

All these little things that we might not see and take for granted; they are all blessings.

I'm not going to lie. Of course I've taken so much for granted. That's a given. But right here and right now, I'm telling you to be grateful and give thanks. There's a silver lining in your life too! You just have to open up your eyes and your heart to see it.

We've all made mistakes, whatever they may be. But we're only human. Sometimes, we make mistakes.

You have to forgive yourself.

Never ever let it torture you because you are more than your mistakes.

You are a beautiful person, with a big heart and an even more beautiful mind;

Never let anything or anyone tear that down.


P/S. All photos are by my sister, Syuhada Zakaria. I am wearing Ariani shawl and aere KIRA flow dress in white.

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  1. Nice one there sis. Hope you are in the best shape. Looking forward. Never give up. Always pray to Allah. Wishing u all the best. *smile