Readings @ Santai Seniman


Last Saturday, I participated in Readings @ Santai Seniman, a monthly session hosted by writer and activist raja ahmad aminullah. Who also happens to be my father-in-law.

I am super humbled to be featured amongst the greats. Like, literally two Sasterawan Negara were reading. Amongst them were also Tan Sri Kamarul Ariffin as well as amazing artist, Pot Amir from the band Innuendo. Who also happens to be my husband's uncle.

This was my first time reading something I’ve written that is not a speech. Usually, I would just post my musings on my instagram @stylebysya and I like to call them 'a little girl's rants' because that's what they really are. And I am not afraid to post them there because I don't have many followers. 

The reason why I was nervous to read is because I hate putting myself out there, vulnerable like that. You see, after sharing part of my life with the world, the public persona that is stylebysya, I find that it opened a floodgate of made-up stories of me and it was as if I had given them license to do so. Some of the stories I've heard are to the point of ridiculous that I have truly given up on the 'influencer' life. 

Yet, still. 

Prior to the reading, I actually sent out an invite to my friends asking them to come for moral support but don't actually listen to my reading. But Megat was not having any of that crap. He was like "I can accompany you on the guitar if you want." Sumpah, I am so glad to have him as part of my support system. Say whatever you want to say but he has been there for me since 2020. 

So we did the reading and I promised I would share what I read in like a mini book form but I am now in talks on publishing deals so I am so sorry but it has got to waittttt. Wish me luck, OK?

Anyway, my darling SIL, RNadiaSabrina, shed tears during my reading. Ende Cho also asked me about the text and I felt so excited to know that I was able to articulate the feelings of the poems. I am also so thankful that Megat was there because it really helped with the pacing. And, of course, I am grateful that Abah invited me to go on his platform and introduced me to publishers. And so now you are looking at someone who just might become a published author (and not the non-fictional ESG report kind)!

On top of that, my name appeared in two online papers! Look, Ma, I'm famous! Hahahaha. Click here for Utusan Malaysia and Dewan Sastera's coverage on the event.

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