#syadhilwedding: 10 Years Anniversary


Dear Readers,

#syadhilwedding was 10 years ago! What in the world?

Do you know that this blog also started 10 years ago? When I got married, my followers multiplied overnight and suddenly I became an influencer because I married into that family when we were 20 years old! A bunch of kids playing marriage 😂

While couples typically celebrate anniversaries intimately, with just each other, the Husband and I decided to throw a celebration, one with our families and another with our closest friends; friends from before we got married. This is because we realise that they are our pillars of support. We would not have made it here without them.

Our families were so encouraging and welcoming. Our friends were in it for the free food. And now, here we are, 10 years later. Still going on strong (I think?).

You know, 10 years is quite a long time. We’ve gone through multiple phases of lives with each other. Because Nadhil and I got married in our second year of university. How crazy is that?

From studying to jobless to working and then jobless again. And then working again. Our friends and siblings were single and now some of them have kids. And some of our friends were married and now they are…happier. It has been a crazy decade!

If you're expecting some sappy post for the Husband here, you are so wrong. I continue to be the same person who absolutely hates talking about feelings and all that corny stuff in public HAHAHA.

OK la. I give a bit.

To my incredible husband, words fall short to express the depth of my gratitude. Thank you for choosing to be my life partner and continuing to do so despite all my flaws. And also supporting me in all that I do. I know that our love has only grown stronger with time. I cannot imagine a life without you.

Cheers to love, friendship, and a decade filled with cherished memories!

Official photographer: Md Alif
Official videographer: Saiful Amir
Official Venue: A Little Bud Florist Cafe TTDI

With love,

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