When Our Eyes Met at Street Love


Min aka Yasmin Ramli, the designer and founder of When Our Eyes Met is super talented. She's doing my baju Raya, and just for your information her designs are affordable! It depends on what you like, I guess. I'm going for the edgy yet comfortable look for my travel from one state to another during Raya. Opps. I've revealed too much. Enough spoilers! Anyways, it was Min who invited me to this event.

Street Love is this fashion, art and music showcase. It was the evening that my finals ended and Min was so kind to let me bring my sister along. Here's a look at the invite:
We arrived around 8.30pm and took pictures while we mingled among ourselves. The music was loud like a party and the stage was this huge staircase. It was really exciting. And as we came in, we saw Min and stole a shot before she had to go backstage.
As the Husband went off to eat, my sister and I sat down at our seats, which were smack in the middle, by the way (Thanks Min, for the awesome seats!), and when the show started, I took some shots. But I won't be sharing all the shots here as there are just too many! So here's some on When Our Eyes Met:
The last one is my personal favourite! Both the model and the design. I wanted to buy it then and there, no kidding! The whole look screams me. I actually love a lot of the designs by Min. If I had known this, I would have asked her to make my wedding dress. I only discovered When Our Eyes Met after #syadhilwedding as Min is Nadhil's cousin.
With Ende Cho. She's always supportive of her children and their work.

We left straight after the show as we had an early flight to catch the next day. But, of course, we had our look shots before heading off! Look post coming soon! Wait for it. Till next time.

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