From the air to the sea.


Travelling can be a wonderful experience. Especially by plane. One is always excited to fly above the sky, even me! I travel quite often and flights/airports have been part of my life since I was a baby. But what I dread, are flights in the middle of the night or before dawn, especially when you had an event the night before.

After sleepless nights due to exam week, on the day of our last paper, we had to pack and go for a fashion show. My parents arrived in KL the same time we got back to the apartment. And you know what? We stayed up looking at wedding photos only to wake up at 4am!

Yes. I am quite the zombie. From finals to Sabah to Taylor Swift. A week's worth of excitement!

Here's my zombie look. While waiting for the yacht to arrive, we took some shots around the jetty:
And here we are! At Pulau Gaya (Gaya Island Resort). Doesn't it look amazing?

We were given barely half an hour to freshen up and head for Tavajun Bay. And we missed the boat! Luckily they were kind enough to turn back. Malu tak?

So we arrived at Tavajun Bay and had lunch there. Thai style. YUMMY! We had tom yam, coconut drink, mango with sticky rice (pulut). And so much, that we had to force it down our stomachs because it would have been a waste if we didn't. But it was delicious!
After the food fest, The Husband took some look shots of me before heading into the sea just to buy time to digest our food. And also because I would end up a mess after diving into the sea, dripping wet and all. Read about the look I donned on Paddle Pop : By The Sea.

The highlight at the bay isn't just the amazing food. It also houses a soon-to-be-completed Marine Rescue Center to rehabilitate distressed sea creatures and comes with a mini aquarium. Here's a friend I made at the bay:
What are you looking at? (Taken with the underwater camera)

More on our travel soon.

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