Stylings on the Island of Styles.


I know. I know. I was supposed to be blogging while on my second honeymoon. But the wifi was bad, and there was barely any phone line! And so many things were happening all at once! If you haven't heard, Taylor Swift dedicated her Red Tour surprise song, Enchanted, to #syadhilwedding ! And that was really the day we got back from Sabah (read all about it here if you haven't)

Pulau Gaya was just AMAZING! It's just a 15-minutes boat ride from Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu but it felt like we went overseas. The ambiance and the two-hours flight put together, plus the wonderful service by the resort. Simply superb.

Here's one interesting fact to note, the name of the island is 'Gaya', which, translated from Malay, means 'Style'. My theory is that the island has so many great spots for taking outfit shots, and that's why they are so called. Haha.

So here's a look I donned on the way to our boat ride to Coral Snorkelling. Sunglasses on and absolutely no make up. Only sunscreen, to protect from the scorching hot sun. Please, everyone. Do not wear make up when you're going snorkelling or doing other swimming activities. Your make up will run.

I actually brought along my make up bag but it didn't even make it out of my luggage. I am super active that I just can't wear them when I'm at sea. I will always end up in the water!

The Husband took all these shots using my dad's DSLR, which we absolutely LOVE. But what to do? He already gave us his old one. We can't steal his new one too! Or can we?

Looking forward to posting more on the trip! There's just so much to talk about. It was our second honeymoon after all. Hihi. My fav part of the trip is the underwater camera my dad brought along. I had a selfie underwater! Look forward to that, soon, I promise.
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