Attending an Audition : Subtle Statement Pieces


Last weekend, I attended an interview/audition for "Speak With Charisma" Personality Programme 2014 with Cikgu Shafi by A Talent Academy. When my friend, Sarah, asked me to join, I had no idea what it was. I sent my profile as told just to support her
Suddenly, I got a message from A Talent Academy which says that the "AUDITION" is at UniKL that Sunday at 8.30AM. The best part was the dress code: Suitable as a personality. The whole world was confused at that word 'personality'. I, however, realised that it was used as a noun. Well, that, and the fact that A Talent Academy's slogan is "Creating Stars". So I was guessing that it really meant "Something that a TV Personality would wear". But at the same time, I realised that it was also an interview.

So I wore this, with the advice (and pants) from my SIL. It's really helpful to have a fashion icon as a sister. I am so blessed.
The pastel colour gave that young professional aura. Which I kind of am, being a law student and all. I would have added a nice soft pastel blue but as we all know, I'm not really a pastel kind of girl. I didn't have anything in that colour. So I went with what I had.

Word of advice: Don't go buying a full set of clothes just for something unless you really need it. Be creative. Play with what you already have. Do not waste.
I wore the skants, which my SIL so kindly lent to me. SKANTS: Skirt + Pants. It's a statement piece but the colour makes it subtle. I mean, seriously, who wears skants? I don't know anybody who does. Wearing it to an audition means getting noticed. See. I don't need bold colours to set me apart from the others.
The skants were a bit big for me, and my blouse kept tucking itself out, making me look a mess. So I asked the Husband to tie this belt around my waist. I couldn't breathe for the next 5 hours. But, hey! It was worth it. A bold black belt, tied around the waist. Another statement piece.

There are photos where I had the belt on. And some when I didn't. But I wore it to the interview/audition.

Why two statement pieces? To show confidence. Only those who are confident are able to pull it off. This look is definitely not my everyday look. But it did help me in this occasion. Our tasks included an individual photoshoot, a catwalk, an interview by 3 panel of judges and a red carpet interview. Everything was recorded. This look, might not be practical to go to class. But for this audition with these tasks, it boosted my confidence. I knew that I looked different from everyone else.

And guess what? I GOT IT! All praises to the Almighty.
Skants: Borrowed from my SIL, RNadiaSabrina
Blazer: Melinda Looi
Satin Shawl: TudungPeople

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