#syadhilwedding Part 1.3 : The Solemnization Concept & Deco



There was none. I kid you not.

If you noticed that the khemah was lilac, and it was all a bit lilac-ish, that's because my mum felt all white was too plain. (Same goes to the reception. My all white wedding plan went out the window) Anyway, Auntie Zura who crafted the flowers on my hantaran as well as the bunga telur (hiasan), came to bring samples of her work. And she made orchids. And that's where we got the whole purplish theme.

The decorations (which included the pelamin and the staircase) were designed by Datin Rashidah from De Sireh Bridal. I love her taste in colours. Very sweet and elegant. The flowers were all real, so the house was filled with the sweet scent of fresh flowers!

As for my family, they wore green. Nadhil's wore peach.


The hantaran from my side was crafted by the same person who did the engagement, Auntie Zura, a very skilled artist. Her past works include 10 years with Kraftangan, the hantaran of the Prime Minister's daughter's engagement and Siti Nurhaliza's wedding. Auntie Rabisah had helped in arranging the dulang. The tepak sirih (which wasn't in any tepak) is hers too.

The flower arrangement are called 'Bunga Dip Orkid' which are really dipped pink orchids, hand-crafted by one of the best artist. My mother picked them as I was busy with my mooting and all that law things. Good job, Mama! I fell in love with them at first sight.
The sweets were sponsored by Datin Ainul (aka Auntie Letty). They are airbrushed and Auntie Letty had been so generous to even pick up these beautiful gifts from KL all the way to Ipoh. It wasn't an easy task, I was told.

The hantaran from Nadhil's side was by his mother and aunties. They used beautiful and scented fresh flowers. But everything is hidden so you'll never know what they gave me. Haha. They're very pretty and sweet. I absolutely loved the colour scheme!
Told you they were beautiful! Actually, the hantaran from him were the basic things: The wedding ring, mas kahwin and a gift from his mother. I gave him a ring too! Along with sweet things such as French Macaroons and cakes. I also gave him a wallet and belt from Cole Haan with a shirt and tie.


That's for the first part of the Solemnization ceremony. Can't wait to share about my favourite topic on weddings: The dress! And mind you, I had three of them!

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