Tradtitons II : Kebaya Songket


This is going traditional, isn't it? Songket plus long kebaya! Although, the colour, again, is rather soft and pastel, unlike traditional songkets. In my previous Raya look post Traditions : Pretty Pastels , I explained the reason for my choice of colour and style for this Raya.

Out of all my Eid outfits, this is my favourite. Why? There are many reasons actually. The first is the colour. It's just so feminine and soft. Second, the cutting. I love my tailor, auntie Monday, because of this. Her clothes are always a perfect fit on me. I have never gone for a fitting with her. We'll just bring the clothes back and sometimes try it on before the event. Sometimes, like this Kebaya, I don't try them at all and on the morning of the occasion, I pray that it fits. So far, she has never let me down.

Word of advise: DON'T do that. Please TRY on your clothes a few days (at least) before an occasion,  because if it needs altering, it can be done. And for hijabists, try it on WITH the hijab you want to match it with. This is the second tudung I tried because the first one I chose was a horror! It matched when it's on the hanger side by side but not when it was on me. Lucky for me, my collection of shawls was beside me. But for those who travel to their hometown the day before Raya, you wouldn't be that lucky, now would you?
Nude make-up for me. 
Shawl : Pari-Pari Shawl by Hasanah Hilmi
Songket Kebaya : Custom Made by Monday Fashion
White Studded Stilettos  : My wedding shoes, bought it in Wangsa Walk. Bagged the last pair!

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