Black & Gold: Warrior Princess


I promised that I'll post another styling of the "Raven Zip Dress". So here it is! I actually wore this to the Mother's Day dinner we had with the Husband's family, celebrating two mothers, my Mother-in-law and my SIL. I'm not a mother just yet. InsyaAllah, some day.

I styled the dress with a gold skirt underneath and unzipped the dress till right above my thighs. The dress has short sleeves so I wore a gold knitted cropped top underneath. I got the top from Zara. And the skirt is from ZAZA Apparels. I bought the skirt on a whim. It was the last one and I just loved the colour. I didn't realise I'd wear it so often. Just head over to instagram and search for #stylebysya and you'll be able to see the numerous occasions and stylings I have gone through with the skirt.

Anyway, now you see what I meant about the dress being versatile! You can hardly recognize the dress, right? It's just super amazing how you can play with the dress. I got this idea when I saw the featured photo on @seacitizencom where this blonde girl wore it like a cheongsam, of course, showing off her legs. Instead, I showed off my skirt! I feel like Mulan.

Read about the dress at: Black & Gold Zipper Dress.
See the zip at the collarbone. It helps in styling too, if you're wearing something cool inside.
Black 'Raven' Maxi Zip Dress:
Follow them on Instagram @seacitizencom and check them out at their hashtag #seacitizencom
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