#syadhilwedding Part 1.6 : The Videographer


The ultimate question people sometimes ask when planning a wedding is: Do you need a videographer for your wedding?

Yes. You need a wedding videographer, especially during the solemnization. You'd want to be able to see the moments. Especially if you're like me. I wanted to know about everyone who came and what was happening at my wedding. But, of course, this is my opinion.

On the downside: You’d think it was difficult to find a wedding photographer. But finding a videographer was worst. 

Every team we met either had no interest in our budget, pushing us to take the most expensive package, or they were concentrating so much on marketing, they ignored the Husband and spoke only to me. Some even can be so rude, it’s shocking! We were going to give up and cry by this point.

However, after extensive research using Google, I stumbled upon iMoments. I scheduled a meet with Remi as the price they quoted was also agreeable. And I dare say, we fell in love. Finally, someone decent.

I think it was very difficult to find a videographer because I am very particular about everything. I do some editing myself so I expect that since I'm paying them, they would produce something much better than what I can do.

And iMoments did an amazing job! Their video made everything look grand and expensive. The wedding looked so surreal.

And again, my advice to you is pick a team that you feel comfortable with. They will be in your face so make sure you're okay with that. And watch as many videos of theirs as you can, so you know what you can expect. Me? I told them exactly what I wanted. Go to the groom as he gets ready for the solemnization at the hotel. Marriage is a journey for both of us. It's not just about the bride. And people want to see how both of us were...okay... I wanted to see how he was doing.

Plus point: Because Remi followed Nadhil and his cousin, Lop Ramelle in the car, he recorded their conversation which was just too funny! But it's too personal for me to share it here. I'm so sorry. If it's my conversation, I would share it with you guys, you know that.

Make sure your videographer are professionals. They can go around and do their own thing and direct themselves. I specifically told them that I wanted to see a lot of the family and friends. Not just us. And, Alhamdulillah, they did it!

Oh I especially loved that iMoments gave me all the RAW videos, that I was able to watch things that I didn't know was happening at the wedding. There were many faces I wasn't able to greet on the day and there were many funny blooper moments that are so precious to me. I love those moments! I especially love the RAW videos because I even got to see footage of me as I got ready and listen to the things I said which is just so...me! Trust me, you at least want to have this day embedded in your memory forever.

And because they were so amazing, we booked them for all three of our wedding events! I will do another review of them when I am posting about the groom's reception. So, for now, do enjoy the videos of the solemnisation and the bride's reception.


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